Bond Works

babyfansquirrel asked:

Joely, I freaking LOVE your work. I just love it! You're so talented.

Wowsers thank you so much. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the tumblr requests and love. I don’t say it enough but I do appreciate you and everyone else who enjoys the work. I do my best *tips hat*. I’ll keep ‘em comin’. :-) I hope you have a good week my dear.


Anonymous asked:

hi!!!!! i love your art and i have been obsessively on your blig for the last three days!! i was wondering if you could make one of the nbhd? please?

Thanks for being obsessed with me lol. Obsessions are a good thing :-) Yes I can do a NBHD design :-) No problem! Thanks for the love!

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